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As a company and team we take pride in personal, small business client relationships, incredible workmanship and quality, and a priceless guarantee that we will always be there to meet your conservatory needs.

From orangeries and green houses to living spaces and entertainment areas, a conservatory is a unique and beautiful addition to almost any home.

We challenge you to take a look at our featured projects and galleries, and if you’re not inspired, we would love to have you over for dinner in our personal conservatory to see if we can change your mind.

Rhinebeck, NY: Astor Estate Conservatory




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Adding a glass room to your home is not for the faint of heart, but you are in good hands with Jim Hewitt and the skilled, dedicated builders at Conservatory Craftsmen. Beyond hiring them, our advice is to educate yourself about the design, construction, and operating issues that will determine the success of your project. Read all the information on the CC website, seek out other greenhouse and conservatory-related blogs and websites, and ask lots of questions. We appreciated Jim's commitment to education, his timely and in-depth responsiveness to our ideas and concerns, and the desire of everyone on the Conservatory Craftsmen team to achieve a result that everyone could be proud of. We are very pleased with the outcome. Our conservatory has added a surprising bit of magic to our experience of being at home.

William McClaren
Medicine Lake, MN / See Our Featured Project

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 2:03 PM Kay E. wrote: Hi, Jim - Jeff and I have been thinking about you today. Amidst the blizzard in New York, with 25 mph winds and higher gusts, we have been sitting in our conservatory, watching the snow swirl and the birds attacking the seed at our feeders — with nary a creak or leak to be heard or seen. WE SO LOVE OUR ROOM!Hope you are well. We checked out your new website - looks great.

Kay and Jeff E.

Initially, we had planned for 16′ ceilings on the conservatories. But because of the wind factor and loss of intimacy , we scaled down the height of the conservatories. Conservatory Craftsmen helped us to modify the plans and brought the project in within budget. They were the easiest contractors to work with in the entire project.

Mary Ellen Slattery of Peterson Companies
National Harbor, MD / See Our Featured Project

Conservatory Craftsmen are true artisans. Jim Hewitt, who heads the company, knows everything there is to know about conservatories, greenhouses, orangeries – you name it. In late 2014, when we reached out to Conservatory Craftsmen through the Houzz website about building a conservatory onto the second floor of our Colonial Revival home, Jim himself emailed back within a couple of hours. He then visited our home in New York several times over the winter to brainstorm, measure, and plan for our conservatory. And, by September of last year, all of the plans had become a reality. We could not be more pleased with our conservatory. The lines are graceful, the design fits perfectly with the rest of our house, and the materials and construction are top quality and just, well, beautiful. I smile every single time I walk into that room.

Kay E.

We kept the thermostat at 55 at night and 65 during the day and it was about $40 extra a month for heating [our greenhouse conservatory]. That also included the lights so I thought that was pretty good. The conservatory is a wonderful place to be on cold winter days when the sun is shining!!

Paula W.
See Our Project...

We had Conservatory Craftsmen design and install a 15×15 conservatory. Jim is very knowledgeable and was able to recommend the best design and setup for us. The job was done professionally on budget and within the timeline provided. Jim was a pleasure to work with and we would definitely recommend CC to our friends.

H. Oberi
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