Introducing The New Website

Welcome to our newly designed website! Whether you are a current conservatory owner or simply curious as to what the magic of a conservatory is all about, our website is a fun, interactive and visual paradise. Take a look at our menu bar, and start exploring!

Visit our portals ‘Hello, Home Owners’ and ‘Hello, Architects/Builders’ depending on which category you identify with. We know that adding a conservatory to your home, your restaurant, a commercial event building or the construction of an acres-under-glass greenhouse is not an everyday occurrence for most people.

That’s why our website’s goals are to:

  • educate homeowners so they can better work with their architect
  • educate architects and builders so they can better work with their clients
  • help everyone answer questions that they might have not even thought about yet.

Of course, the question we always ask is, “What do YOU want?” Surprisingly, a lot of people who want a conservatory don’t know exactly what they want. That’s why we recommend going through our new “Elements and Options” page that helps organize questions and solutions.

If you simply want to drool a little bit, we recommend a trip through our Galleries.

Under ‘Featured Projects’ you’ll find some of our favorite conservatories that we’ve had the pleasure of designing and/or building.

You’ll read the stories behind the conservatories, like the couple in Brewster, NY who wanted a conservatory that acted as an office space, a private retreat and a lounge for their beloved cat.

Or, read about the loving husband in Clark’s Summit, PA who changed his plans from a ‘man-cave’ greenhouse to the cozy dining nook that his wife wanted. Little did he know that this display of his love would become his going away present to her.

Add to this eclectic list the woman in Atlanta, GA who was building a very nice garage to house her new Tesla and decided to add a conservatory as a bedroom/greenhouse/entertainment center. She flew in to Minnesota and met with Jim on New Years Day. Read about that in another blog post titled, “The Case of the Homeless Lemon.

At Conservatory Craftsmen, we look beyond blueprints and dimensions. What drives us to do our very best work is the history, value and sentiment of what lies beneath the brick and mortar of every conservatory. Of course, that company mission has its origins in the character of our founder and owner, Jim Hewitt, “America’s Conservatory and Greenhouse Guy.”

The ‘Eden Garden Greenhouses’ tab will showcase Conservatory Craftsmen’s commercial greenhouse division. Browse through a selection of photos that illustrate our potential to create grow-it-under-glass masterpieces.

Click on ‘Houzz’, and look at our projects, awards, reviews and so much more. Feel free to ask questions, and check out what we’re currently up to!


And, finally, feel free to contact us with your questions, concerns and curiosities. We are here to cater to your individual wants and needs. Most importantly, we want you to have fun. Let your curiosity roam free!