$500 Gift Card to Logee’s Greenhouses


Logee’s Storefront (Founded 1892)

In the quiet northeast corner of CT, century-old greenhouses are rooted into the landscape of the town, Danielson. Walking inside is like entering a jungle under glass. The greenhouses are home to 1200 varieties of tropical and sub-tropical plants. It is a feast for the senses as narrow paths lead you through 2.5 acres filled to the brim with gorgeous, rare and unusual plants. This fabulous collection of greenhouses is called Logee’s, named for William D. Logee who founded the company in 1892. One hundred and twenty-three years later, this business is still in the family, run now by William’s grandson, Byron, and his business partner, Laurelynn.

Here at Conservatory Craftsmen we have been lucky enough to have worked with the talented staff at Logee’s for a while and have filled numerous clients’ greenhouses and conservatories with their unusual and highly prized ornamental plants.

For this reason we are delighted to offer our new customers a $500 Gift Card to Logee’s Greenhouses.

How do you get this offer?

All you have to do to receive the offer is:
1) Schedule a conversation with Evan or Jim
2) Sign a contract with Conservatory Craftsmen within one year of our conversation

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