8 Ways a Conservatory Events Center Can Increase Your Bookings

8 Ways a Conservatory Events Center Can Increase Your Bookings

The global outdoor living structure market was valued at $1.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow from 2021 to 2028 at a compounded growth rate of 6.1%. And among these outdoor structures, conservatories are quickly serving a purpose other than what they were originally intended for—now, conservatories are becoming picture-perfect event venues. Thus making the return on investment real – and positive!

Conservatory events centers provide a unique and beautiful setting that can be more attractive to potential guests than traditional venues. As experienced event center builders, we’ve helped clients build breathtaking structures that combine elegance and practicality. The perfect combination to host events of all types.

With our expertise, let us share a few ways how conservatories can be used for events and can drive up bookings at your venue. Market your event venue for a variety of occasions including:


With the natural beauty of plants, flowers, and trees adding to the ambiance, a conservatory is a romantic and picturesque setting for weddings. You can create a space for dining and dancing while providing a safe and sheltered outdoor atmosphere.


Birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers and anniversaries are all perfect occasions to host in a conservatory. Events centers can accommodate large groups and provide plenty of room for decorations, food tables, and other activities.

Meetings and Workshops

Meetings and Workshops

Conservatories also make great meeting spaces, with the natural light creating a cozy atmosphere for meetings or business presentations. Events centers can be arranged to hold multiple break-out rooms or offices for a more professional experience.

Cultural and Spiritual Gatherings

Conservatories can provide the perfect backdrop for culturally specific events, such as Diwali celebrations or religious ceremonies.

Fundraisers and Galas

Conservatories are ideal venues for hosting galas and fundraisers, with their expansive space allowing for mingling, dining and entertainment. 

Food and Drink Festivals

Conservatories can accommodate large numbers of guests, allowing them to sample the best food and drinks while immersed in a tranquil and scenic atmosphere.

Music and Art Shows

Conservatories make great venues for music and art shows. They provide a stunning backdrop for performers and artisans. Events centers can also provide space for vendors to showcase their wares or provide services, making it an ideal one-stop shop for guests.

Fitness and Wellness Classes

Conservatories are perfect for fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates and martial arts. The natural light and calming atmosphere provide the perfect setting for guests to focus on their well-being.

A Versatile Events Center Attracts More Clients

By offering events that cater to a variety of occasions and interests, you can draw more guests to your venue and increase bookings. With the right combination of services and activities, your venue can be transformed into a dream destination for all events! 

So, take advantage of the growing trend in outdoor living structures and transform your conservatory into a versatile events center. Conservatory Craftsmen is one of the most trusted and experienced event center builders. We provide custom design and construction services to help you turn your vision into reality. Investment in a conservatory is well worth it – contact us today.