Automated Blinds and Shades

We are the only company in the country offering automation of blinds on gable windows. Even if you don’t own a conservatory, architecturally beautiful gable windows can be hard to cover without clever automation. All blinds and screens can be controlled with the touch of a finger.

Vertical blinds for side windows offer privacy and protection. They can be manually operated or automated for ease of use. Select from our ”roller blinds’ that are backed with reflective material used by NASA, or our pleated style blinds that are also honeycombed and also look at our very natural looking Pinoleum blinds which are durable as they are beautiful.

We all know a little extra glare from the sun can use a bit of shade from time to time. Other days, the bathing of the sun is the whole reason for a glass roof. What makes our roof blinds so unique is our ability to make blinds to fit any shape. Roof blinds are specially formatted to resist the UV rays that will destroy most roof blinds, but not ours. No blinds on the market will fit a shape or triangle like ours. And, at the push of a button.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about conservatories. We check our messages daily and will respond as soon as we can.