Automated Systems

Remote Automation: From your cell phone or tablet, control the temperature of your conservatory, decide if the blinds should be up or down, turn on the humidifier or ceiling fan. Watch the blinds and keep an eye on the plants with a remote video camera. Control the time and length of automatic watering. From your wireless remote phone or pad, control everything in your conservatory or greenhouse.

Shades and Blinds

Sunny exposures can cause heat to build up in the conservatory. Automated window blinds can not only reduce heat gain in the summer, but maintain heat in the room in the winter. We are the only company in the country that offers this gable blind system, seen in this video.


Window Ventilation/Cooling

Whenever we can, fresh air from outside is always the best way to control temperature in the conservatory. Automated roof vents that control on temperature and close when its raining are a worry free component of great conservatories


In-Floor Heating

What a creature comfort. A cold winter day and warm feet. Keep the conservatory at an even, efficient warmth. As a special bonus, we know our flowers and plants also enjoy the warm roots and produce abundantly during cool seasons.


Measured Watering

What happens when you go to the Caribbean in the winter and the plants dry up? We can provide watering for you that not only waters daily, but measures how much water is required for each plant.

By the way, do you see that puddle on the floor above? A human did that. You wouldn’t have that problem with an automatic watering system.


Heat Exchange

This simple design, in the common gable wall to the house offers creative options. In the summer, warm air is pulled out of the room and ventilates through the roof. In the winter, that warm air is dampered and sent into the house for warm air recovery. Ceiling fans also keep the air circulating and prevent condensation.

: Livingston NJ Conservatory Lantern Dusk View

Sunrise and Sunset

Yes, we’re being silly. However, Conservatory Craftsmen can make life in your conservatory so effortless that you might be tempted to credit us with arranging every sunrise just to provide you with a gazillion rainbows from your beveled glass crystals. And, then at the end of the day, orchestrating an omni-theater view of the sunset’s glorious artwork in the sky. Believe me, should you feel the urge to tell us, “thank you,” you wouldn’t be the first client to do so.

Pool Cabana Orangery


Conservatory Craftsmen will work with you and your electrician to select the proper light for your environment, but also install it seamlessly into your construction.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about conservatories. We check our messages daily and will respond as soon as we can.