Choose The Right Type of Conservatory for Your Event Center

Conservatories nowadays have refreshed, modern designs and features that will add beauty and function to any space. There are many advances in structure, material, and technology such as better ventilation and smart technology. However, one thing is still the same, they are perfect for any venue like birthdays, weddings, and business conferences.

Contractors for event centers meet your needs for beautiful and versatile structures that are customized to your preferences and can accommodate almost any event. For instance, if you’re hosting a wedding, your clients can also have a dance party right in the middle of the venue. If you have an industry event, you can have added partitions for walkways or booths to make everything flow smoothly.

Conservatories will satisfy any functional or aesthetic requirements regardless if it’s for an indoor or outdoor event. They will help attract more clients who seek beautiful and private venues. If equipped with smart technology, you’ll be able to provide a more amazing experience for your clients.

Here are some common types of conservatories for your future events:

Three Common Types of Commercial Conservatories

Traditional conservatory

Traditional style conservatories follow the design guidelines that have stood the test of time. They feature design elements like traditional columns, decorative glazing patterns, and moldings. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are key hallmarks of this style. If you have a traditional space, it’s fitting that you opt for a traditional conservatory. It adds natural light, perfect for weddings or corporate events.

Aside from increasing the value of your property, this conservatory will be the focal point of your space that will stand out. Its large and elegant roof will make the whole space flooded with light, which you have the option to control through the automated features.

Botanical style conservatory

Featuring a curved roof, this type of conservatory is perfect for pool parties or rehearsal dinners. Attaching it near a pool will make it more inviting any time of the year. The designers will recommend a good connection that fits your principal structure.

You can also attract more clients that desire outdoor parties or spacious and private venues. A conservatory that features smart technology like automatic blinds and drapes is great for a large conference room for corporate meetings.

Custom conservatory
Custom conservatory

The bespoke option allows for an individualized design that will suit your needs. This versatile structure is perfect for bazaars or as a space for media production. The design possibilities are endless – you can opt for Victorian, Gable End, or Edwardian. Unique features can be also added like chimney breasts or large portal frames. 

You have complete control over all aspects like color, size, and type of doors you want. You can also add finishing touches like a roof with tile effect or installation of skylights to make the most of the natural light.

Beautiful Custom Conservatories

Conservatory Craftsmen designs and builds beautiful conservatories perfect for your events. You’ll get hands-on services from our experienced team of craftsmen to ensure everything is built in accordance with your preferences.

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