Glass Commercial Structures

Commercial Greenhouses

A greenhouse used to be a little structure in the backyard made up of discarded wooden storm windows. Seedlings were started there. Pots and dirt were always on hand.

Today’s greenhouses often cover dozens of acres with glass, and not only produce plants and flowers, but also shrimp, oysters, farmed fish and even gourmet algae.


Event Centers

The large, community conservatories built in the last century for the enjoyment of the public have now morphed into structures that provide the controlled environments needed for community and family events. And, while many such events are still held at public horticultural conservatories, the structures are not really suited to the purpose. The fact that people persevere in using those facilities just shows how much people enjoy the atmosphere of a conservatory.


Research Facilities

Originally, conservatories were developed to grow tropical plants in a temperate climate. Explorers brought back fruits and flowers to England and growing those plants successfully was a point of social status. Today, universities and government agencies are commonly using greenhouses/conservatories for ongoing research and ecological testing. Controlled environment testing allows researchers to save endangered plant species, study plant interactions and develop new hybrids for the changing environment.


Theme Parks

Whether it’s a dinosaur park, water world or carnival, everything is more fun under glass. Weather isn’t an issue and the controlled environments can offer a more enriching experience for everyone involved.


Retail Centers

While it may seem obvious to house a gardening center under glass, today’s stores are looking at natural light as a way to boost customers’ moods and put them into a buying mode. Add to that the relative uniqueness of a store under glass, and branding and name-recognition become exponentially easier.


Expanded Opportunities

Conservatory Craftsmen’s commercial division, Eden Garden Greenhouses, now offers architects expansive opportunities to truly design an architectural art piece. And, our construction prices have been honed so that even covered-vegetable farmers can see an accelerated payoff schedule for new structures.