Conservatory Blinds and Shades

When it comes to regulating the temperature of your conservatory space, the topic needs to be addressed separately from the rest of your home. Not only will properly positioned energy efficient window treatments save you money, but they will also help with privacy.

Conservatory Craftsmen is proud to offer blinds for slope glazing (slanted windows) to the United States. We are only one in a handful of domestic companies capable of these installations.

There are many Conservatory Blinds and Shades options to consider:

Pleated shades are the most versatile way to treat the windows of the conservatory roof and walls. There are numerous fabric choices giving the customer customization options with color and texture. The pleated shades also have a ‘top-down/bottom-up’ option for sidewalls and when fully pulled up or down, the stack is considerably tight making this option the least obvious.
It is also quite simple and cost effective to incorporate motorization to pleated shades making operation easy as the click of a button!
WOVEN WOODS (Pinoleum):
Europe’s very popular option for window and roof blinds, Pinoleum is made of natural materials, which are sewn together in a weave, to create a fabric. This offers partial sun blocking as the light filters through between the tiny slats of the linoleum.
Those who prefer organic window treatments and a more casual design might choose a woven fabric and material. The closed stack of the linoleum fabric is bulky and covers much of the eave. This may or may not be the goal of the designer and homeowner in each application.
One advantage of the linoleum blind is that is can be mounted under the rafter, so it can cover multiple rafters (and glass openings) with one blind. Fewer blinds, less cost of automation.

The roller blind is the simplest option. Improved mechanical design means a cleaner, easier to operate roller that is always dependable. Mounted on the eave, the cord goes to the ridge and you wrap the blind tight on a hasp. Roller blinds are also available with motors.
Many colors are available. Give our designers an idea of the color you are looking for and they will help you with the selection. All have UV reflective materials on the back side. We recommend using roller blinds for shorter runs of glass (under 6’). This will avoid the blind from ‘bellying’ as it gets older. To some, the general appearance of the low hanging blind is appealing. This form of blind stacks very tightly and is easier to conceal on the eave. Different fabrics which are now available give a more modern or organic look to the blind.
Conservatory window treatments are essential to consider while planning your project. Not only with your selection be more customized to your room but you will have everything done at the time of installation!