Conservatory Design, the Freestanding Conservatory

So, you’re thinking about adding a conservatory to your property.

Sometimes a traditional, attached conservatory or orangery is not suitable for your existing home, due to either limited space or planning restrictions. This is when we recommend you consider a freestanding conservatory or garden house.

Four factors to consider when creating your dream freestanding conservatory:

1. Conservatory Design.
It is important to think about how your freestanding conservatory will complement the style of your home. We will consider all the features and architecture of your home and its property and will recommend a garden house suitable and proportionate to your home’s size and shape. Building a large greenhouse with ornate features behind a quaint country cottage can overwhelm the home. You want the conservatory to look as though it were always a part of the original home or grounds.

2. Considering the intended use.
While some people build conservatories with the intention of gardening, these stand-alone glass enclosures offer a variety of uses: a light and airy home office, a functioning greenhouse or a calm sanctuary away from your busy, energetic main house. Some people love the idea of enclosing an in-ground pool to extend the swimming season.

3. Making sure the room is solid.
Traditional conservatories have one wall attached to the main property providing the room full rigidity and solid stability against the natural elements. To make sure your freestanding conservatory has the same required rigidity, we will build a sub-frame out of steel, called a portal frame, which is typically welded to the conservatory on site, so there is no possibility of the wind, snow, or any other natural factors moving it.

4. Head house.
When you work in a garden conservatory, inevitably you end up with a pile of supplies to put away at the end of the day, such as pots, trays, tools, soil, and chemicals. If you have a freestanding conservatory, where do you put these items so that they stay out of sight? You don’t want the space to get cluttered. A head house is the perfect solution. This frame built structure at one end of the conservatory provides the storage that you need for all of your gardening supplies. The head house can be quite attractive, adding to the overall esthetics of your garden. Putting in a head house may also cut down on the expense of the conservatory’s portal frame.

If you’re just starting to consider the idea of a home conservatory, make sure to explore your freestanding conservatory options. There are lots of possibilities for designing a useful, practical freestanding structure that will enhance your property.