Fly-By Conservatory Shooting in Burnsville, MN

The drone craze has captured our imagination We love images from aerial perspective! Aerial photography can show you features of a conservatory in a way you cannot capture from the ground.

This conservatory is our family’s conservatory and open to anyone who would like to see it first hand. We built the conservatory onto our home about 7 years ago. Our office is located under the conservatory at garden level. On nice summer days we work on the patio amidst the flowers and waterfall. There is typically a stray grandchild running around when not in summer camp. To say this is my slice of heaven is an understatement. I am so glad I made the decision to put this conservatory on my home. Here I am closer to work, family, my gardens and chickens. I spend a great deal of time traveling to build conservatories, and when I am home, I am at peace.

The conservatory itself is 400 sq.ft. and made from Sapele Mahogany . The interior has a clear coat finish to showcase the striking grain and color of the mahogany and the exterior is painted to match the trim of the home. There is a lantern on the roof that enhances height and drama. The lantern adds a load that is supported by a steel frame on the interior of the room. The roof blinds are all motorized and help protect the plants and furniture from the strong southern exposure.

I hope you enjoy this video and plan to join us in a design discussion as we create the winning plan for a conservatory of your own.