Double Conservatory Greenhouse, Pennsylvania

Conservatory Craftsmen was called upon to design and replace two aging greenhouses in a beautiful home in Hanover, PA.

The greenhouses were built in 1939 using curved single glass which is impossible to repair or replace and wooden slats over the top to keep down solar glare, but they too had reached a point of no repair.
The greenhouses were a great deal of annual maintenance for the homeowners.
So, we came up with a drawing and a concept that the homeowners loved! Our conservatory design included doors to the front of both conservatories so plants could be brought in and out without going through the house. Plus, the windows were made from insulated, LowE safety glass – which simply put is a film coating we put on the glass to help break down the long wave ultraviolet sun rays into short wave infrared to improve the thermal efficiency of the room.

We greatly took into consideration to beauty and character of the original home when coming up with our design. It is always important to us that every detail of a new conservatory greenhouse matches the original architecture and construction of the house.

To begin, we removed the old greenhouses. Then, we cut the stone mason down 10”, placed a blue stone sill and cut an opening for our new double doors.

Our design features specialty muntins with simulated divided lite or SDL on all the windows to match the windows of the house. Not only do these muntins enhance the look of the conservatory but they are virtually maintenance free.

To ventilate the conservatory greenhouses we included full tilt out awning windows to offer maximum window ventilation and automation features so the homeowner can control temperature, water schedules, windows and lighting all with the click of a button.

Electronic roof vents with climate control and rain sensors are becoming popular with our clients because they allow the roof vents and windows to operate automatically to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. The rain sensor will override the climate control and close the roof vents if it detects rain.




Throughout this design, it was key for us and the homeowner to make it look like the new glass enclosures had always been there. I think you will agree, we definitely pulled it off!