East Coast Storm Wreaks Havoc on Conservatories

conservatory-md-damage03When the walls come tumbling down.
In the aftermath of the massive rain and the storms that have hit the east coast lately, our phone is ringing more than usual. And, unlike many of the companies who have been building conservatories the last 15 years, we are still answering our phone.

Damage to conservatories of lesser quality construction has been severe. Even quality conservatories suffer if a tree lands on it. Thankfully, none of our projects or conservatories has sustained any damage or problems (see the blog about earthquakes).

The biggest problem people are having is that the company that built their conservatory is no longer around. They are simply not in business to service the problem.

Companies like us are left to deliver the bad news to the homeowner: “Your conservatory roof cannot be repaired because the parts are no longer available.”

The main components of conservatory roofs may be damaged and require replacement. If the parts are not available, then your insurance company needs to know that the roof will have to be completely replaced. This can be a significant cost.

If you have damage and are looking for help, send us photos. Tell us as much as you can about when and from what material it was constructed and we will do our best to help solve your problem.

The attached photos were of a sunroom in Maryland that could not sustain the snow load. This is typical of a lot of sunrooms built with PVC structures from low-end conservatory builders. Sadly, this was built by one of the builders that are no longer answering the phone.