Farmhouse Sunroom, Minnesota

Around 5 years ago we were called upon to add an addition to this spectacular 1880’s old farmhouse in a rural area of Kasson, MN. The homeowners are both busy doctors at the prestigious Mayo Clinic nearby and were looking for a peaceful space to unwind after a demanding day.

The homeowners opted for a total new addition with the custom aluminum powder coated, gable conservatory on the second floor, and a home office underneath. Determined to create a seamless finish on the property, we replaced the whole roof and built a cricket or saddle roof to meet the glass roof of the conservatory.

The width of the room was a massive 18 feet wide and so we installed tie bars to stop any lateral movement, ensuring the conservatory roof stability and the structural integrity of the room.Ceiling fans and automatic roof vents were added for maximum ventilation, and a porcelain heated tile floor for cozy toes during cold winter months. During the renovation, we also converted the existing original stone fireplace to be duel sided so it could be enjoyed in the new sunroom as well as the adjacent bedroom, and rebuilt the outworn 1910 deck and railing.

Together with the new skylight we installed over the original farmhouse living room, this bright, sun-filled conservatory adds much needed light and airy feel to an otherwise dark house.