Featured Project: A Tropical Garden Paradise

Location:  Northern Kentucky, South of Cincinnati
Designer/Architect:  Craft-Design-Build
Builder: Conservatory Craftsmen
Square Footage: 1,200

A client building a new home also wanted to build an indoor tropical garden space during construction. Conservatory Craftsmen helped bring this tropical dream to reality.

Growing Tropical Plants and Fruits:
The sole role of this conservatory space is to be a tropical garden. The client wanted a place to grow bananas and edible citrus fruits as well as a variety of other tropical plants.

The Conservatory Craftsmen Touch:
The structure itself is fabricated using the Conservatory Craftsmen thermally broken aluminum system. The structure was powder coated to match the customer’s color selection; a match to the house windows.

Team Effort:
The structure was designed by Matt at Craft-Design-Build in conjunction with their architect. This new construction project was one Conservatory Craftsmen partnered with a team of builders and architects to build this conservatory while the home was being built.

Add a Little Automation:
The client desired just a few touches of automation. This conservatory has exterior roller shades which are controlled by a switch. The client wanted to maintain control of the room functions so limited the automation.

The Uniqueness:
The side wall (shared by the house) of the conservatory is approximately 14 feet tall so that the second floor of the home overlooks the botanical garden.

Looking to build your own tropical paradise? Check out our botanical page for some ideas then contact our team today!