“Working with the Conservatory Craftsmen was indeed a real pleasure from start to finish. They personified true craftsmanship. Additionally, they are a crew of pleasant, and well-liked individuals. They have taken our beautiful home to another level of beauty and enjoyment. I would highly recommend Jim and his crew.”

Featured Project: Central Wisconsin Mahogany Masterpiece

Location:  Oshkosh, WI
Designer: Conservatory Craftsmen
Architect: Studio M
Category: Victorian Gothic Conservatory

Discover the breathtaking beauty of a Victorian Gothic style conservatory – a Sepele Mahogany sitting room addition amidst the picturesque landscapes of central Wisconsin. Learn how Conservatory Craftsmen overcame challenges to create this luxury home addition after the property owners lost their home to a fire.

With the devastation of fire causing the loss of their home, the owners of this remarkable property sought to rebuild. The vision was brought to life in central Wisconsin, where Conservatory Craftsmen was commissioned to construct an awe-inspiring Sepele Mahogany sitting room addition. Nestled within the captivating landscapes, the new house design includes a magnificent Victorian Gothic-style conservatory, designed to embrace the scenic beauty from every angle.

Upscale Sepele Mahogany Sitting Room Conservatory:
Set against a stunning backdrop, this extraordinary 14′ x 23′ sanctuary exudes sophistication and charm. Constructed with a combination of steel and magnificent Sapele Mahogany, the sitting room conservatory features a tall vaulted ceiling reminiscent of a church-like ambiance. Gothic-shaped muntins in the windows simulate separate glass panels that elevate the space and add to its high-end charm.

Capturing Breathtaking Views:
No ordinary sitting room, this space demands an impressive amount of glass to perfectly frame the breathtaking landscapes in all directions. The conservatory’s design masterfully captures the Napa Valley feel of the property, allowing the owners to immerse themselves in the natural beauty surrounding them.

Cozy Elegance with a Custom-Designed Mahogany Gas Fireplace:
To enhance the comfort and coziness, of this space, Conservatory Craftsmen designed a custom mahogany gas fireplace surround. Uniquely placed, the fireplace replaces the conventional chimney with glass, ensuring that no views are missed from any corner of the room. The warmth of the fireplace and the rich mahogany wood create a welcoming and luxurious ambiance at the heart of this space.

Overcoming Challenges:
The location of the property presented unique challenges, including a tall ridgeline and high winds. In addition, the construction took place during the harsh winter months of Wisconsin, adding to the complexity of the project. Despite these obstacles, the dedication and skill of Conservatory Craftsmen prevailed, resulting in a remarkable conservatory that stands as a testament to their craftsmanship.

From Loss to Rebuild: A Journey to Remember:
Conservatory Craftsmen takes great pride in knowing we helped the homeowners transition from tragedy to triumph. The newly constructed conservatory brings them full circle, providing an exquisite space to create cherished memories anew.

Embrace the allure of a luxury Victorian Gothic conservatory, a Sepele Mahogany sitting room addition, nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of central Wisconsin. This remarkable project, overcoming challenges and capturing breathtaking views, stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of Conservatory Craftsmen. Witness the transformation from loss to an incredible rebuild, where memories await in this stunning new space.