Featured Conservatory Project in Denver, Colorado

An unused balcony space in their house provided a real challenge to design for – but we were ready for it.

Location: Denver, CO
Designer: Conservatory Craftsmen
Architect: Michelle Wilson, AIA
Category: Orangery
Materials: Mahogany, with an Aluminum Roof

There was a large flat area on the second story of the house, that was meant to be used as an outdoor space – however, in reality it ended up just being forgotten, rarely used space.  Whether it was because it was too hot, or too cold, or too windy – the uncovered outdoor space just wasn’t adding value to the home. This is where we came into the picture.

This project posed a few challenges. The first being that we had to do a large portion of the construction using a crane as the area was on the second floor.

The second main challenge was a good way to work out drainage for the roof that fit seamlessly into the aesthetic as well as fit around the existing structure. The box cutter roof incorporated an oversize flat drainage area, and built in a structural gutter.

The room is now used as a living area, placed just off the master bedroom. The interior is being finished in marble with a beautiful chandelier in the middle, it is very elegantly finished.