Featured Conservatory Project in Lake Geneva, WI

A repeat customer wanted a luxury conservatory to be a capstone, built in conjunction with their new home construction.

Location: Lake Geneva, WI
Designer: Conservatory Craftsmen
Architect: Lowell Custom Homes
Category: Orangery
Materials: Mahogany

This family had worked with us previously on two other structures, so when they found themselves building a new home out in Lake Geneva – they knew who to call to design their luxury Orangery / Greenhouse.  They were moving in order to be near their grandchildren, so the room was designed around the idea of it being a central family room.

The structure was originally going to be just a conservatory, however we soon realized that rainwater drained right from the house roof onto the conservatory roof.  With the challenge of managing the water flow, we switched the roof to an orangery inspired flat roof box gutter design which completely solved the issue. And it ended up looking really amazing, our clients were so happy with how it turned out.

This is now the main living space in which they can enjoy their views of the lake, or spend time with their grandchildren, or even reading a book under the stars.  We are so happy with how much they are enjoying this special space in their home, and think it’s absolutely wonderful to have repeat clients as wonderful as them.