“Working with the Conservatory Craftsmen was indeed a real pleasure from start to finish. They personified true craftsmanship. Additionally, they are a crew of pleasant, and well-liked individuals. They have taken our beautiful home to another level of beauty and enjoyment. I would highly recommend Jim and his crew.”

Featured Project: Oshkosh, Wisconsin Pool Cover Conservatory

Location:  Oshkosh, WI
Designer: Conservatory Craftsmen
Architect: Studio M
Category: Custom Design Pool Cover Conservatory

Discover how our team ventured to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to build a custom conservatory as a pool cover on an amazing property rebuild. The 16’ x 26’ swim spa pool room boasts insulated glass, automated windows, and a lantern roof, creating a spa-like environment to enjoy the views every day of the year.

After the devastating loss of their home to a fire, the owners of this picturesque Wisconsin property sought to rebuild with a touch of Napa Valley charm. Our team stepped in to construct a custom pool covering conservatory, designed to capture breathtaking views and provide a perfect addition to their new home.

Building a Stunning 16’ x 26’ Swim Spa Pool Room:
We designed and built a 16’ x 26’ swim spa pool room, perfect for enjoying the sun year-round. This aluminum, powder-coated structure, strategically located off the master bedroom, features a lantern roof that serves a dual purpose – offering practicality by creating a chimney for hot air to escape while allowing sunlight to flood the space. The ten-foot sidewalls, made with insulated glass, maximize the stunning views and natural light. The fully automated windows and blinds are sensor-activated, ensuring optimal climate control, regardless of the season, making this room an inviting space for comfortable pool use.

Bringing the Outdoors In:
This conservatory design seamlessly integrates the stunning views surrounding the property. We carefully incorporated elements and custom trim colors from the main house, ensuring a harmonious blend with the existing architecture. The result is this incredible pool cover that not only offers breathtaking vistas but also complements the overall aesthetics of the property.

Challenges and Solutions:
Despite the property’s beauty, it presented our team with unique challenges. A tall ridgeline and high winds necessitated a sturdy steel substructure to support the weight of the conservatory’s walls and lantern roof. Furthermore, the construction took place during the harsh Wisconsin winter months, adding to the complexity of the project. Nevertheless, our team’s determination and expertise prevailed, resulting in a remarkable structure that surpassed all obstacles.

A Rewarding Oasis:
For the couple who had endured so much loss, providing them with a luxurious space to relax and unwind is profoundly rewarding. Now, they can bask in a spa-like environment under the sun by day and the stars by night, truly cherishing the serenity of their rebuilt home.

This custom conservatory pool cover has transformed this Wisconsin property into a magnificent oasis. Combining stunning design with practical features, this swim spa pool room showcases the beauty of its surroundings while offering year-round enjoyment. The challenges we faced during construction only amplified the satisfaction of creating a space that brings joy and tranquility to its resilient owners.