Luxury Looks in Colorado

Location:  Front Range, CO
Designer: Conservatory Craftsmen
Architect: Craft-Design-Build
Category: Conservatory

This amazing Luxury Look design takes us to the front range of Colorado. Nestled into the foothills at about 7,500 feet. The building was once an art studio and grow space, an outbuilding to a very rustic home. It is evolving with this new design into an incredible space.

Our design features a wonderful collaboration of stone, timber, and glass for a very dramatic three-level work area that cascades over a hillside vista of the Rocky Mountains. The top-level, 100 feet from the house, looks like a modest guest house or cabin. Once you enter the front door, an incredible 3-story vista-view of the mountains envelops you.

As you can imagine, the design brings in a ton of light while incorporating elements from the main house. Stone, timber, glass, steel – the entire thing is very organic, as the project is literally in the earth on the side of a mountain. Incorporating timbers from around the property, the structure fits perfectly into the geographic location of this build creating a standing organic symbiosis between man and nature.

Because of the south sun exposure of this location, the space will heat up. That’s great throughout the winter, but not so much on summer days. Blinds will automatically close when the interior temperature reaches 80 degrees. Additionally, because of the open design and height of the space, ventilation is also automated to circulate the air from high to low to evenly mix air temperatures whether it be a cold winter night or hot summer day. Climate control is essential in a design like this. This dramatic build will bring the views of nature inside while keeping things comfortable all year long.