Featured Conservatory Project in

Location: Southern Ohio
Designer: Conservatory Craftsmen
Builder: Conservatory Craftsmen
Architect: Craft-Design-Build
Category: Custom Deep Winter Greenhouse
This Conservatory Craftsmen Project-In-Motion is a highly-detailed, very custom group of Deep Winter Greenhouses.
A mix of function and luxury, these unique spaces are being built to grow food all year while they will also serve as gathering places. The buildings have been designed to be self-sustaining with no outside energy going into them as they incorporate insulated concrete panels and geothermal heating and cooling. Solar gain from windows is harnessed and stored below ground to be used at night. These spaces use minimal electricity with LED lighting and air moves with custom venting.

Consideration during the design of these greenhouses was making sure they would be tall enough to accommodate the growing of fruit trees. The owners have already brought in coffee trees! This type of greenhouse is built for those interested in growing an untainted food supply: farm to table. In this environment, the plants use little water. In comparison, in this setting plants use 5% of what is used in agricultural fields.

The greenhouses integrate teak, mahogany, steel, and some beautiful custom water features into their design. This DWG project is moving along nicely and is due for completion in 2022.