Featured Conservatory Project in

Location: Ohio
Designer: Conservatory Craftsmen
Builder: Conservatory Craftsmen (conservatory)
Architect: Craft-Design-Build
Category: Custom Deep Winter Greenhouse
This project in motion Conservatory Craftsmen came and finished all the weathering in. Lots of detailed flashing and weatherizing of all the crazy angles where windows meet walls and roof. Screens were installed on all windows and exterior trim details were applied. The soon-to-be beautiful ledge/shelf that will wind its way around all 3 pods was cleaned up of screws and insulated, now ready for trim. The installation of screens allowed David DeVargas of Conservatory Craftsmen to start the operation of the automation system for climate control. We now have a combination of fans, earth battery and automatic windows working to keep the greenhouse temps under 80 during the day and shooting for 70 at night.
The unique design of this structure means that literally, every single piece of siding is different.