Flooring Options


Block Linoleum

Avoid extensive use of white on the floor. The sun reflects back up to your eyes. Instead, offer a pattern, like this, to maintain beauty and function. This room is white with black accents, just like the floor.


Concrete w/ Floor Drain

The hard working conservatory needs to have a floor that works hard with it. Concrete, either natural or stained, is always a great option. Floor drains should always be considered for quick clean up.


Resin-Coated Cement

A floor epoxy is just the thing for an inexpensive floor covering that is durable and bright. Select a neutral colored area rug to dress up the concrete and soften the finish.


Oak Hardwood Flooring

The historical pedigree, beauty and durability of real, red oak, hardwood flooring `is second to none.


Blue Stone in Masonry

A stone floor gives an organic feel to any hard working room. Blue stone is especially easy to maintain.



The height of elegance, this marble floor is beautiful and durable.


Reclaimed Vintage Planks

Did we fool you? This is a tile pattern that is made to look like vintage reclaimed planks. A great, durable substitute for the real thing.


Bisque Tiles

Nothing standard about these tiles, imported from a specialty manufacturer in Italy, they are uniform, organic and chic.


Cultured Stone

Chipped stone conglomerate held together with a resin base. Beautiful and non-slip as a surface for special areas under glass.

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