Free Flight and Hotel Anyone?


The Hewitt Family Conservatory

We know that building a conservatory is a substantial investment and one that should not be taken casually. The cost of a conservatory compares to the cost of a luxury car (albeit a luxury car that will still be shiny and new thirty years from now), so we know the time and research that is required for you to make the right decision about whom to trust to build your dream conservatory.

So, what should you do when trying to find a reputable conservatory builder?

  • Make a list of possible conservatory builders – ask friends and relatives for recommendations on good experiences they have had.
  • Do online research – not only visit their websites, look at their Houzz profile, Pinterest page, Facebook page and Twitter feeds.
  • Do your homework – once you have your list of potential builders, how can you find out about their reputation? The only way to be sure is to talk with previous clients and conservatory owners with whom they have worked. We invite you to visit to learn what previous clients have to say about their experiences with Conservatory Craftsmen.
  • Visit models and sale presentations – so you can see the quality for yourself. Meet the builders face to face and ask lots of questions, even if you already know the answers, to judge the builder’s honesty and knowledge. Look for builders who want to share information and educate consumers.

We are so enthusiastic about our product and are proud to show off the craftsmanship of our work in person. Therefore, we invite you to come visit us and our showroom here in Minneapolis. We will reimburse you for your flight and night in a hotel when you sign the design deposit for your new conservatory.

So, come join me, and my family, at my home. We can have a hot cup of tea in our lovely conservatory and we can answer all the questions you have about designing and building your dream conservatory.
Let me know when we should expect you.