From Phone Call to Finish: Building a Conservatory

We get a lot of phone calls from homeowners wondering how the process of building a conservatory or greenhouse works. My first reaction is to tell them it’s just like building any other home addition- only much more spectacular and in less time!

The truth is, building a conservatory is special. The crystal palaces that we custom design and build are one of a kind, and many clients tell us that their family time has been reinvigorated. Conservatories add value to a home that far exceeds a regular home addition. Another very reasonable question asked of us is about the cost of building a conservatory. I like to compare it to that of a luxury car: you can spend $50,000 or you can spend $200,000 depending on the bells and whistles.

Here’s what you can expect when calling Conservatory Craftsmen:

YOU CALL: We discuss your ideas and needs

FOLLOW-UP: You send photos and measurement

CONCEPT: We do a concept drawing of your conservatory NO CHARGE!

ON APPROVAL: We put a construction budget together for you

IF ALL GOOD: We come visit you at your home. Still NO CHARGE! Some companies charge up to $7,500 for this step.

CONCEPT DRAWINGS: Complete drawings prepared at a minimal fee, all applied to purchase

PERMITS: In Minnesota, our construction company gets the permit. Outside MN, you can get your permit, or your contractor will obtain it for you

ARCHITECTURE: Some municipalities require an architect to ‘sign off’. You can use your architect, or we find one for you. Same if stamped engineering is required.

ORDER PLACED: 40% of the agreed price is paid with the order. Shop construction may take 8 weeks.

INSTALLATION: Only by trained Conservatory Craftsmen team. Usually not more than 2 weeks at your home. I told you we were efficient! Instantaneous Construction!

WARRANTY: All warranty items serviced by Conservatory Craftsmen.

There you have it, the process of building a conservatory from phone call to finish.