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Garden Room Design Ideas for Converted Conservatories

Garden rooms are a dream to design. They can be anything you want them to be: a functional greenhouse, a receiving area, lounge room, meditation room, private office, home spa, gym, art studio — take your pick. Garden rooms can be in different forms, though, so whatever you have in mind, it has to be compatible with your garden room’s design and construction.

If you had yours built by Conservatory Craftsmen, you should have a conservatory-style garden room that can be a full-fledged room or an enclosed patio. After all, our specialty is building attached and stand-alone conservatories that you can transform into indoor or outdoor garden rooms.

What Is a Conservatory Room?

A conservatory room is a fully-enclosed room with walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. The structure can be concrete or brick and mortar. Its primary features are its windows: massive glass panels that may or may not open. Attached conservatory gardens typically have glass doors that lead to the front porch or backyard, depending on its location.

With these structural features as a guide, here are some tips on how you can design the interiors of your conservatory garden room.

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Outdoor and Indoor Garden Room Decorating Ideas


Garden rooms are incomplete without flowering blooms! But in case someone in your household is allergic to pollen, you can populate the room with lush, potted plants instead. Mix up indoor plants that grow upright with sprawling varieties (pitcher plant, peperomia), large leaves (monstera, fiddle-leaf fig) with ferns or palms, and deep greens with variegated leaves (snake plant, spider plant). Assemble the large plants on the floor, the smaller pots on tables, and hanging plants (Boston fern, chenille, trailing jade) on the shelves or corners, where they can be seen without being in everyone’s way.


Whether you have a detached, outdoor garden house or a room extension converted into an indoor luxury garden, comfortable seating is a must. It makes the room look inviting and whimsical. It’s also a practical design move: you and your guests will be able to stay in the garden room for as long as you like.

We recommend a classic park bench (preferably with an ergonomic seat and backrest) if the floor space is limited. If it’s a spacious garden room, you can put a chaise lounge or loveseat. Add accent pillows and quilts, and you’ll have the perfect spot for reading books or taking a nap. For extra seating, you can add beanbags on the floor or stackable stools that you can put away in a corner when not in use.


Most people like to keep their garden rooms warm and cozy in the evenings because they get plenty of bright, natural light during the day. We recommend recessed mood lighting on the walls and ceiling for a dramatic effect. Stand and desk lamps with options for white and warm lighting are also excellent garden room lighting ideas because then you can adjust the settings to set the room’s mood.

Functional Furniture and Decorations

The key to successfully designing and decorating a garden room is its use. Is it merely a personal lounge area, or is it an extension of your living room? Is it connected to the dining room? Do you often bring your laptop there to work? Once you’ve pinned down the conservatory’s purpose, designing it becomes easier and a lot more fun.

For a garden home office, you’ll need a desk, comfortable chair, and a desk lamp. For a garden living room, you can have a wide sofa facing the glass walls. If there’s a solid wall that separates the garden room from the rest of the house, you can add a gas, electric, or wood stove next to it for a cozy touch. Meanwhile, a dining room extension would look charming with a bay window seat with a round breakfast table and two or three more chairs.

Use these garden room design ideas to transform your conservatory into the indoor garden you’ve always dreamed of having.

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