Garden Room Ideas for Functional, Home Conservatories

Since conservatories seamlessly connect the outdoors with the indoors, many homeowners treat them as indoor gardens. Here are some ideas on how to decorate the interiors of garden rooms and turn them into beautiful, comfortable, and functional indoor-outdoor rooms.

1. Plants

Make the most of the sunshine that enters your home conservatory and put real plants around the room.

You can’t go wrong with a potted Bird of Paradise plant or a Meyer Lemon tree in a corner or against a bare wall. If there are lots of empty shelves or bare counter space, try a Jade plant, young aloe, cactus, succulents or even consider growing your own coffee or tea. These plants can fill your space up nicely.

Have a bare wall but don’t have a painting for it? Hang some ferns, philodendrons, or orchids and it will no longer look so blank.

The best part? You can add more plants if you want a tropical home conservatory.

2. Sofas, sectionals, and loungers

inside a conservatory

If you thumb through travel magazines and browse interior decorating websites, you might find a picture of a luxurious outdoor living space that boasts a custom, round sofa with a grill or bonfire pit in the middle. Such a space is a dream to own, but the sofa and its accessories can be a logistical problem.

Your conservatory puts all those problems to rest. You can finally have a comfortable, giant sectional in what feels like the outdoors without worrying about rain or dirt getting on the seats and wetting the pillows. And when the sun shines, you can still enjoy the daylight without having to move a single piece of furniture into shade. So, furnish this garden room with comfortable seats or a daybed for good measure. Trust us: this is the best room for them.

3. Lighting

Another exciting thing about conservatories is that they benefit from the night’s darkness as much as from the day’s light. When the moon is bright and the stars are shining, for example, you can still appreciate them from inside this part of your home.

This makes adjustable interior lighting a must for conservatories. You can have the room as bright as your kitchen when you have guests or dim the lights on quiet evenings so that the moonlight can shine in.

4. Blinds, shades, curtains

Natural light completes the interior of a garden room. There may be times, however, when you’ll want to take a break from the sun, like during the peak of summer.

Automatic blinds and shades will be especially useful on such days. They are very convenient and easy to use: with just one tap of a button, you can protect your furniture and indoor plants from the excessive heat and the blazing sun. So, if your conservatory is 90% glass, we recommend that you install automatic blinds and shades immediately.

Curtains, meanwhile, are useful for days when you need privacy but don’t want to completely block the view of the outdoors.

It would be ideal if you can have a combination of these three window treatments in your conservatory.

5. Heating and cooling

When you live in Minnesota or other places that experience all four seasons, your home is equipped for extreme weather differences.

Make sure your conservatory is hooked up to your home’s heating and cooling systems if you want to enjoy this indoor garden all year. More than for your enjoyment, it is for your plants to flourish and grow healthily in your care.

If adding a conservatory to your home is already in the works, think further ahead to what you want it to look like. Consider the home conservatory ideas in this article so that you can make the most of your very own garden conservatory.

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