Glass Options

Nothing about a conservatory seems more confusing to homeowners than glass. Here are some definitions to help clarify.

Float Glass: glass that breaks easily and shards when broken like a picture frame glass.

Tempered Glass: glass that is placed in an oven and heated to extreme temperatures to make it hard. Almost unbreakable, but, if it does it breaks into little pieces.

Laminate Glass: two thin layers of glass, either annealed or tempered, that are bonded together with a sheet of very thin lamination. Like your car windshield.

Low E (Emisivity): slows down the UV waves of the sun and captures them as infrared. This works in the house, as it keeps warmth in the house (unless of course you are trying to cool the house!) There is a special coating put on the glass to accomplish this purpose.

Soft Coat LowE: a newer invention that is a soft coating of LowE placed on the glass and which makes it more effective. When doubled up this is even more effective.

Insulated Glass: we use double glazed, insulated glass, typically 1″ overall thickness. The LowE coatings are inside the insulation void.

Argon: proven to be highly effective in maintaining thermal efficiency of glass.

Cool Glass: double coated, soft coat, LowE glass is cool to the touch on the inside when the sun is shining on the outside.

Plant Lovers’ Glass: when trying to grow great plants, we reverse some formulas and come up with special designs, based on the plants to be grown. This is just one more advantage of having horticultural professionals designing your growing room.

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