Has the Winter Damaged Your Conservatory?

There is no need to rehash the difficulties this winter has wrought on all of us in this country. Our building systems have been taxed to the maximum with cold, snow and ice.

Many homes have conservatories that have been slightly to severely damaged by the winter weather. Leaks in roofs, displaced materials, and damaged windows have occurred as we have had calls on all of these maladies from all over the country.

In some cases, conservatories with improper support have shifted and some even have had roof glazing collapse.

What to do if you have damage that needs repairs?

  1. Take lots of photos and document the damage
  2. Report the damage to your insurance company
  3. Contact us to discuss the damage. We will help you assess your needs.

In most cases, easy repairs can be done on a short visit by our repair crew. In some cases, replacement materials have to be ordered and received.

Unfortunately, many of the uPVC companies that did business from the UK in the USA are no longer in business, or doing business in this country.

If the company is still in business, our relationship in the industry allows us to call on operating businesses and obtain replacement materials.

Extrusions can be a different entity. Often, these companies will replace an extrusion with an improved extrusion and dump all of the old inventory. We keep a supply of replacement parts in our warehouse, so in many cases, we are able to source many parts that may no longer be available.

We take into account what material your conservatory is made of. If it is wood, we can shape and duplicate any wood member on the spot, so you are a bit more lucky if repairs are required.

One way or the other, we are the one stop company for repairs, as needed so keep us in mind and set up a visit today.