Holiday Decorations: 4 Delightful Ideas from Your Greenhouse

For the rest of your neighborhood, winter means chilly winds and prized plants buried in snow. But when you have a luxuriously designed greenhouse, you can enjoy the warmth of a balmy spring day and watch your plants thrive under its protection – even in the middle of a polar vortex. 

You can feel the holiday vibe in the cozy warmth of your greenhouse by getting creative with your decorations. Take advantage of your conservatory’s features by integrating your colorful flora and using your gardening skills for unique and delightful holiday greenhouse decorations.

Cultivate Colorful Poinsettias

Poinsettias are almost synonymous with the holidays. These colorful plants, with their distinct and vibrant scarlet leaves, are just gorgeous to behold. With a greenhouse of your own, you could cultivate them months ahead of the holiday season and surprise your neighborhood with a crop of beautiful plants during the winter.

You have to grow poinsettias the right way to have healthy and vivid plants come the winter. Once you do, you can come up with all sorts of ways to decorate your home and your greenhouse with their magnificent colors.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use them to create centerpieces for your tables
  • Arrange the plants around your greenhouse to form designs and patterns
  • Use a bouquet of poinsettias to add a splash of color to gift baskets
  • Make garlands of poinsettias and drape them around your windows

Customized Holiday Wreaths

If you keep your greenhouse nice and warm throughout the winter, your plants and herbs will continue to thrive even in the coldest months. With your conservatory full of lush plants, why not use them to make customized holiday wreaths?

Look for intact pinecones from your plants and combine them with flowers from the plants in your greenhouse. Form a frame from twigs and branches and tie them together with festive ribbons and string. Attach aromatic herbs, such as mint or rosemary to give them a fresh scent.

Finally, you can make them even fancier with miscellaneous ornaments or by painting them in bright holiday colors, such as gold, red, and silver.

Use Plants for Holiday Accessories and Trinkets

Your indoor garden can provide you with materials for more than just festive wreaths. With a little imagination and some effort, you could come up with many trinkets and accessories you can use to decorate your home.

You’re in luck when you’re already growing popular holiday plants, such as mistletoe vines, holly bushes, and rosemary shrubs. Use sprigs and cuttings to make small ornaments to dangle from doorknobs and archways. A little hot glue with ribbons help to form lovely arrangements for place settings and assorted decor.

You can use other plants to create wonderful trinkets as well. Find leaves with interesting shapes and vividly colored blooms, then use them for your crafts.

Decorate a Living Tree

The tree is the centerpiece of the holiday celebration, much like how turkeys are the epitome of Thanksgiving feasts. But buying a cut tree from a lot is difficult to transport and a headache for cleaning up. Instead of going through all that difficulty, why not decorate a living tree in your greenhouse?

Although pine trees are a holiday staple, any living plant large enough will do. Your living ‘tree’ is also much better for the environment than cutting one down or buying a plastic tree.

Your greenhouse is more than just a warm cozy place during the winter. Using your creativity, and some ribbon and decorations, you can turn it from a conservatory to an artist’s workshop all winter long.

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