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How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for the Summer

Summer is here!

Greenhouses allow homeowners and commercial greenhouse keepers to cultivate plants that require specific conditions to grow. By keeping plants indoors, greenhouse keepers can manage outside factors to preserve the ideal environment year-round.

With summer here, greenhouse keepers should prepare for the necessary adjustments for the rising temperatures. Already, several areas in the country have seen environmental effects as summer season nears. Starting right now, it is essential to look at the following factors when adjusting for the months ahead.


Temperatures will reach record highs in the next three months. Plants start to lose their moisture and risk withering or damaging at temperatures beginning at 81 degrees. It is necessary to prepare your greenhouse early in the day before the temperature increases, maintain the environment throughout the day, and keep it at an ideal temperature overnight. To accurately monitor the temperature, keep a room thermometer in the greenhouse.

Having open ventilation on the roof, windows, and doors can help the flow of air and decrease the hot air accumulating in the greenhouse. Another way is to provide shade on the roofs. Layers of shade paint on the roofs can filter out the sunlight and decrease the temperature. However, you will need to paint and brush them off depending on the weather. Automated blinds offer a much more versatile and long-lasting solution.


Humidity is affected by the temperature: if the temperature increases, the moisture of the plants evaporates.  Ideally, greenhouses should be humid to mitigate the heat. Apart from watering the plants regularly to maintain its moisture, you can also keep the greenhouse damp by wetting it down. This increases the moisture in the air, ideal for plants to remain cool.

Ventilating a greenhouse lowers the temperature and humidity by decreasing the dampness inside. When the air is unable to flow, the heat gathers in the air and harms the plants. Avoid this by keeping the vents, windows, and door open to passing breezes to keep the inside of the greenhouse cool.

Install Smart Technology

Maintaining a traditional greenhouse during the summer seems to be challenging to do alone and may require more than one person to perform daily. But why should you do all the work yourself when you can have smart technology installed in your greenhouse and protect your plants with a simple push of a button? Or better yet, let us program the system so that it automatically adjusts to changing conditions – so you don’t even have to think about it!

Unlike traditional greenhouses, greenhouse manufacturers with smart technology (like us at Conservatory Craftsmen) provide automatic adjustment capabilities, addressing light, humidity, temperature, and other factors needed to create and maintain a good environment for plants.

With the high-temperature forecast for the months ahead, it is imperative that greenhouse owners make the necessary adjustments for the health of their plants. This can be done more conveniently with smart technology.

Conservatory Craftsmen‘s greenhouses are built with the latest in smart technology. Whether you want your greenhouse system to intelligently adapt as needed or control the adjustments yourself through a smart device, we can provide the environment automation you want to make your life easier.

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