Meet Jim Hewitt

“America’s Conservatory and Greenhouse Guy”

St. Paul, Minnesota is the sleepier of the Twin Cities, but it’s where I’ve called home my entire life. This beautiful pocket of the world has some of the most frigid winters in the United States, cold from November to April with a foot of snow on the ground well into March. When I was a child, my father would take my siblings and me to Como Park, where the Como Park Conservatory sits up on the hill like a crown jewel. Como Lake was where we raced each other on hockey skates, but my true love was walking through those glass doors and feeling that humid air envelope me.

One of the few public conservatories in the country, Como Park Conservatory is a breathtaking homage to architecture, its glass dome echoing with the chirps of sparrows. The fragrant flowers and the scent of that rich earth never left me, and I went on to earn a degree in Botany at the University of Minnesota. I taught high school for years before getting into the landscaping business and working with plants again. It was in 1988 when a customer asked me to install a prefabricated greenhouse that I became hooked on constructing conservatories, and went on to learn how to build every model on the market. When my son Mike followed in my footsteps, we decided to go out on our own with the vision of handcrafting the finest conservatories with the finest materials in the world. Eventually my daughter Evan came on board to run the office, and our family business was complete.

There is nothing that brings me more joy than spending time in my conservatory with my children and grandchildren around me. It is a great source of pride that I am able to share my appreciation of nature, and my devotion to building beautiful conservatories with others.

St. Paul Como Park Conservatory (circa: 1920's)

Minnesota is where Conservatory Craftsmen is based, but our Midwestern attitude comes with us all over the world. Our warm, personal approach to each project serves to create a space that you love to live in. Cost conscious and time efficient, Conservatory Craftsmen works with you to ensure a stress free experience. Sometimes a client has a vision for their conservatory that requires an architect or landscape designer. We believe in a collaborative effort, and work seamlessly to build or restore your conservatory, greenhouse, pool enclosure or commercial atrium.

The mechanical and environmental design of each conservatory is at the cornerstone of our business. The beautiful retreats that we build for our clients should not be plagued with condensation, or become stifling in the dog days of summer. We take the installation of your conservatory a step further by recommending a climate specific environmental system that will keep your room at a comfortable temperature, all year round.

Local building codes throughout the country can vary in as little as a few miles, making it impossible to compile a generic engineering package- and we wouldn’t want to. All of the “signed and stamped” engineering on our projects from Maine to Hawaii are customized to meet every requirement.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about conservatories. We check our messages daily and will respond as soon as we can.