Measured Watering

Kitchen Conservatory, Illinois

This client was planning a large kitchen renovation and wanted to create a visually dramatic transition from the outdoor entertainment area to the new kitchen in their beautiful home in Chicago, Illinois.

Designing an addition for the ‘inside L’ of a home can be very tricky, and requires design knowledge to ensure proper drainage for when it rains and snows. We decided on a 5 bay mahogany conservatory with 18 ft. ceilings to ensure maximum light into the homeowners’ new kitchen, with big French doors that lead out to the patio.

The same hardwood floors that were used in the kitchen were used for the conservatory, which created a seamless transition into the space.

Roll away screens on the windows allow ventilation in the summer months, keeping the room cool and comfortable.

On the outside of the conservatory we added a granite bar with a built in grill to the high knee wall, which visually tied the new structure to the outside entertainment space.

The roof was glazed with LowE tempered glass. The tempering provided a solid, sturdy roof while the LowE reduced the radiant heat from the sun.