New York Botanical Gardens Butterfly Exhibit

Orchids at the New York Botanical Conservatory have been getting a lot of attention lately on These botanic wonders are the pinnacle of cultivation in the conservatory as we know from our many customers whose favorite pastime is the culture of orchids.

However, one would be reticent not to mention the conservatory show also going on in NYC at the Museum of Natural History. The second-floor show there consists of moving colors and blooms of such magnificent colors it causes pause.

A butterfly show is the most thrilling and captivating way to spend a bit of time while in the Big Apple. These butterflies that have experienced metamorphosis from chrysalis at the Conservatory exhibit are truly amazing in color and diversity.

The exhibit has a healthy cross section of botanical options for the winged flowers that fill the air with fluttering and neon. And take enjoyment in the little buggers as they land on your head or arm to see if you might pass the sweetness test for which they crave.

Although you can’t take the butterflies home with you. There is an airlock at entry and exit to make sure no hitchhikers try to sneak and escape, you can in other ways take them home with you.

If your conservatory dream is for butterflies or orchids, we are also botanists who specialize in specialty conservatories. Butterfly conservatories, once only popular in Cornwall, are spreading in popularity all over the world.

Pupae, available in Florida and Costa Rica can be purchased and raised in your conservatory to create a one of a kind environment unparalleled in home projects today.

Conservatory Craftsmen is uniquely ready to help you achieve this many other goals you have for your own Conservatory. Contact us today.