Ocean Front Conservatory in Long Island N.Y.

There is really no place in the country that quite compares with Long Island. A rural and country atmosphere, heavily influenced by the ‘city’, you might call it ‘country cosmopolitan’. Miles of beautiful sand beaches and everywhere inland miles and miles of pristine oak and beech trees that dwarf even the grandest of homes.

The regular working person lives here and enjoys the incredible connection with man and nature, but of course, the fun stories about Long Island are the ‘well to do’, and the homes they live in. Did I say homes? That gives the wrong impression. “Mansions” is a better term.

When we have the privilege and opportunity to build custom conservatories onto these homes, it is a grand event. What better way can you think of enjoying your ocean views than in a glass vista conservatory?
Today, we are working on the north shore of Long Island in Oyster Bay. Home of Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Rider and namesake of a famous stuffed animal.

Our initial contact for our latest project has come from a prominent NY architect who is building a private cottage for the daughter of one of her clients. The home is adjacent to the marina and, as all homes in this area has breathtaking views.

The conservatory addition to this new home is 24 feet wide and will be the dominant living area in the home. We have taken all of the architect plans and compiled them into a unique, all mahogany structure, unrivaled by any other.