-30ºF to 100+F: It’s in the Design

This custom gable conservatory in Woodbury, Minnesota was built for a talented homeowner who designed the interior to be a warm, relaxing space for their family and friends to enjoy all year round.

orchardridge-23The conservatory was the last piece of this outdoor renovation, with French doors leading out to the perennial gardens and a beautiful in ground pool. The vertical windows that create the walls of the conservatory feature arches, or as they are formally known, specialty muntins, which added a decorative touch to the space.

orchardridge-28The energy efficient polycarbonate roof was selected to let in all of the natural light and keep the conservatory bright, but still filter out the UV rays and heat from the sun. The new conservatory was attached to the home by using a cricket roof, and a stucco knee wall was added to match the home’s exterior. On the inside walls, the designer chose a natural stone. Wicker furniture and topiaries complete the room.

orchardridge-3A roof with a steep slope 12/12 pitch roof was chosen for the structure. The roof’s pitch is important to consider in cold regions of the country where, during the winter months, there are high volumes of snowfall. The steep slope helps to redirect the heavy weight of the snow from the glass roof. It is also important when adding any addition to a home to consider the existing architectural style of the house.
To ensure the new conservatory could be used as a year round sanctuary, we added a heated slate floor to add warmth on cold winter days and roll away screens on the windows and doors to allow bug free ventilation during pool parties in the summer.