Plants with a Purpose: What to Grow for a Pretty and Healthy Garden Room

The garden room has come a long way from its use as a simple shed for yard equipment. It has been transformed into a versatile structure that gives any home additional living space. Many homeowners have taken to using their garden rooms as a home office, lounging area, or hobby room. But this doesn’t mean it can no longer serve as an indoor garden.

Transform your garden room into a multi-purpose structure. Growing plants throughout this space effectively improves its aesthetic appeal and provides other benefits. Plants improve air quality, provide a calming backdrop, and can increase motivation and concentration.

Houseplants with Benefits

Several types of houseplants offer mental and physical health benefits. Discover which plants suit your lifestyle so you can make your garden room perfect for the type of room you want.

Lavender for Calm and Serenity

Lavender oil is widely marketed for its calming aroma. Many use it as a natural anxiety reliever for its ability to create feelings of calm and relaxation. By growing the plant in your garden room, you create a calming ambiance that is ideal for rest. Effectively transform this space into a quiet and serene nap room for you and your family.

Rosemary for Improved Concentration

You would typically see rosemary in kitchens; the plant is a popular herb for different dishes. But it is also widely used as an essential oil for its ability to improve concentration. Research indicates that the plant’s scent can strengthen memory and improve brain function. Consider planting rosemary in your garden room if it is also used as a home office or study room.

Boston Fern for Better Air Quality

Although plants generally improve air quality, some are better at it than others. The Boston fern tends to absorb the humidity in the air. While doing so, the plant also balances out the air moisture levels in the room. Growing Boston ferns in your garden room is a good way to improve air quality in this enclosed space.

Lemongrass for Insect Repellent

Lemongrass oil is often used as a natural insect repellent. It is especially effective against mosquitoes and house flies. By planting lemongrass in your garden room, you can keep pesky insects from biting you and your family. This is a low maintenance plant that lives throughout the year, making it especially useful during the summer. 

Grow Plants with a Purpose

A garden room has no set definition for what it should serve as. You have the freedom to transform this structure into whatever you need for your family and home. But don’t forget its original purpose in your desire to make the most out of the additional living space it provides you. Several plant species provide more than something pretty to look at.

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