Poolside Conservatory Under The Stars


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Poolside Conservatory Under The Stars

Our most recent project in Kansas City, MO was a bit of a tricky one. We were tasked with installing a 3-bay, mahogany conservatory in the ‘L’ of a house while ensuring that rain and excess water would indeed flow away from the room.

With innovative materials and design. This project was a success!

The spacious interior is a perfect gathering spot for friends and family.

The inside ‘L’ takes on a dramatic effect while gazing up at the historic brick home.

Did you know that Kansas City has the most public fountains in the United States?

The conservatory is the perfect choice to enhance the classic brick home.

Can you imagine how tempting the pool was when we were on site given the 100+ heat Kansas City experiences each summer?

However, we trust that our clients are staying cool, sipping wine and taking in their lovely view of the stars.