Private Gardens Go Indoors

Alas, autumn has arrived and as the rainbow of trees turn color and their leaves blow in the wind, the
gardening season is over. With some melancholy, the hours of quiet respite in the garden are shelved
with the favorite gardening gloves only to peruse over the flood of seed catalogs arriving daily to perk
one’s optimism for the upcoming year.

Many gardeners, however, are taking a more proactive approach and bringing the garden indoors for the
winter so that the companionship with green growing plants can continue through the dreary months
and flourish all year round.

As a young lad, my father would bundle me up on the coldest of winter days for a mini vacation as the
two of us would head off to Como Park Conservatory, in St Paul MN to immerse ourselves in the humid
forest of tropical green plants so expertly tended by dedicated staff. The smell of the earth and
cacophony of floral odors filled the air and helped one escape the long drudgery of a Minnesota winter
in a tropical paradise.

I feel the love of gardening is not induced but inherited. The greatest gardeners I know began as
children. Gertrude Jekyll tells of sneaking off to a quiet woodland to create her own private garden at 7
years old.

Although not every child will grow up to be Gertrude, most professionals find their quiet time in the
garden to be highly therapeutic from the rigors of the modern workplace.

The joy and renewed passion I found in the souls of new owners of private conservatories gave me the
drive to pursue this course of livelihood. After all, why should the garden end in October? Why can’t the
plant loving enthusiast enjoy the opportunity to spend the winter in an outdoor room surrounded by
green friends?

As the whole concept of private indoor gardens developed further along, my company grew in its ability
to serve a larger and more extensive market for these personal vestiges. The demand for more
sophisticated indoor gardens grew and our services grew right along with these demands.
Our company philosophy at Conservatory Craftsmen was always to be full service. Whereas other glass
room suppliers would build the space, hand the customer the keys and disappear never to be heard from
again, we saw our role differently.

Once we had completed the design, the careful planning, and the implementation of the plan to full
completion, we saw our role beginning, not ending.

How many of our customers have owned an indoor garden before? Where were they going to go to
confer with experienced experts who could guide them to success of the dream they created?

Although my college and teaching background is in Horticulture, the need for even more sophisticated
guidance was evident. Dr. Eilts, or Alex as we call him, was brought on staff from the University of
Minnesota and he now leads the planting projects with design, selection and supply from known quality
growers across the country. He then provides ongoing guidance to our Private Indoor Garden clients.

Some of these gardens may only boast 2 fig trees. Others are producing supplemental food for their
table and food shelves. Often gardens are epiphytic in nature, some are arid, and some are lush tropical
paradises. The goal and expectation of every indoor gardener is different. The location and exposure of
every glass garden structure varies.

We have observed that people of all ages are seeing the opportunity to always be in touch with nature
and growing green plants for whatever the goal. This is a highly satisfying pastime.

Dream of your own Private Indoor Garden, then contact us for dreams come true.