Professional Conservatory Builders

Here at Conservatory Craftsmen we are often asked:
Is this product a kit? Or, can I do the conservatory installation myself?
In short, the answer is no and here are the top reasons why:
1) The conservatory market in the United States in a niche market, actually it is almost a niche within a niche. That is how specialized the product is and how serious we take it. So when the crate that contains your conservatory shows up at your house, we can guarantee that there will be pieces and parts that even the most seasoned carpenter has never seen before, instructions not included. Attempting to install the conservatory on your own could be disastrous. We are frequently requested across the country to for conservatory repairs due to improper installation. This is timely, frustrating and expensive to homeowners.
2) Warranty. The main components of a conservatory are a wood or aluminum frame and glass. What attracted you in the first place is the conservatories glass roof and that’s your downfall if you try to install yourself. If you attempt to install a Conservatory Craftsmen conservatory on your own you will void the warranty. When our professional team of installers begins work at your home we warranty everything from the glass on down!

3) Our name is on the product. We pride ourselves in supplying the most superior product to the market. If installed improperly the room will fail and leak. We spend a massive amount of time on the front end of the project. Meaning we design, engineer and re-design (if necessary) to assure that when on-site our time is spent as efficiently as possible. A typical jobs site-time is about three days. Our customers are floored to see just how fast we can install a conservatory flawlessly. Left to the untrained installation could take weeks or months and could possibly lead to unwanted leaks if rushed.

Trust Conservatory Craftsmen, we are professional conservatory builders and have designed and built conservatories in the USA for over 25 years.
We are here to work with you in every way possible!