Flat Roof With A View

The story begins in late 2014. Our couple purchased this stunning remote New York estate, 1 1/2 hours from the City. Her law practice was growing and she needed a home office for days that she didn’t need to tackle the long commute into the city. Her husband, a well-respected Horticulturalist for the NY Parks needed a garden to tend.
2014-10-05-13-43-31The 100-year-old home with acres and a view begged for a retreat on the second level. A flat roof area, over the sitting room below, the roof was dated and slated to replace.

2014-10-05-13-43-26While researching opportunities on the internet the couple came across the Conservatory Craftsmen and inquired. “What I was so surprised by was that just like that, that very day, I got a nice note back from Jim, the owner of the company!’ she stated.
As our chats turned into design concepts I arranged a visit to the home. Standing on the second-floor area it was difficult to contain my excitement for this project. This was a perfect location for a conservatory!
The homeowners shared that excitement and became very eager to proceed with planning. They have imagined themselves sitting in the room among plants and law files! I do paint a good picture…
We entered into an agreement January 1, 2015. Final drawings were created and a local contractor was selected to ready the site for the conservatory. By May, the permit was issued and we were ready to go!


Our experienced team of conservatory craftsmen had the structure weather tight in about a week.


Finishing details took another week to complete. The local contractor took over installing mini split cooling, in floor heating, floor tile, and interior finishing.
For the roof, she selected pineolum blinds that Conservatory Craftsmen offers exclusively.
2015-10-18-11-42-09-768x574The outcome of the project is one happy family and kitty!