How to Dine Al Fresco Inside


Minnetonka Orangery Angled Front View

The Perfect Orangery for this Dollhouse

Sometimes we just need more natural light in the house. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the morning sunrise with your breakfast, coffee and the newspaper.

Recently, we were asked to develop a plan for integrating a conservatory into a kitchen and eating area, located in the western part of Minneapolis.

A kitchen is a challenging spot to add a glass roof because of cooking moisture and condensation on glass, but with proper air ventilation design, this has never been an issue in this great kitchen.

A traditional home requires a traditional design to the windows and detailed trims. This addition fits this home perfectly.

Don’t make the mistake of adding to your home and making your living spaces dark and dreary.

Think about glass, and all that Conservatory Craftsmen can offer to enhance your life.

Minnetonka Orangery Kitchen View

The Orangery is a Natural Extension of the Kitchen

Orangery ceiling and glass

There’s Nothing Like Dining Outside… Inside