Smart Home Automation

Today’s modern family loves to add space to the house in a manner that adds light to the house and does not reduce it like a standard room addition will. The conservatory in today’s world also allows families to grow healthy plants and crops for eating and seasoning.
However, it can be difficult to maintain the growing greenhouse conservatory in a busy life that takes mom and dad to work every day, kids to school, after school activities and soccer games on the weekend. Unfortunate, it only takes one bad day, and the plants in the greenhouse conservatory can be ruined by drought.
We have automated greenhouse conservatories for our customers so while they are at the soccer game, they can; open the windows, turn up the heat, water the plants, switch the lights on and close the blinds all from their smart phone or touch pad.

How does Smart Home Automation work?

Window Blinds. We offer comfy controls in all our window blinds that will raise and lower the blinds based on time of day, sun intensity or just plain want to show the neighbors! Smart home automation also allows us to watch this process on live video as it happens.

Windows. We automate the windows in your conservatory greenhouse by small 24 volt motors that open and close the windows on pre-set commands. Open when it’s sunny outside but hot in the room. Close again if it gets too chilly or if an air conditioner comes on. Even text or email the homeowner if the temperature gets too hot or too cold in the room.

Plants. A small solenoid valve turns on the water and small spaghetti-like tubes feed each plant individually. Worried that some plants get too much, others too little? Not a problem, small water emitters at the end of the tubing dictate .25 gallons per hour, all the way up to 2 gallons per hour.

Lighting. We have said before that winter gardening is not impossible, but some plants will require additional light. Many very low energy, highly efficient growing lights have come on the market thanks to the research and development done by manufacturers filling a market created by the marijuana industry. These lights will also be on timers and you can set them for maximum light, and an 8-hour dark period that all plants need each day. None of us do well without our 8 hours of sleep!

Hydroponics. Some of you may become a bit more adventurous and want to learn how to grow plants in hydroponics. Actually, you would be surprised to know that most of the marijuana grown for use in this country are grown without natural light. Hydroponic growth chambers fueled by artificial light are the norm. You may also be surprised to know that 21 million acres in the USA are now under a greenhouse growing your tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.

With all this to think about, don’t forget the core reasons you considered that conservatory in the first place, your ‘cave’ to sink into at the end of a hard day, a cup of tea or a glass of wine, music that calms and soothes. All good reasons to add a room to your home unlike no other. Learn More.