It’s High Time You Automate Your Greenhouse

With a well-built greenhouse, it is possible to grow certain crops all year. You no longer have to worry about changing seasons that may affect the growth cycle of your plants. You also get to shield your crops from squirrels, insects, and garden pests. Above all, you get to enjoy more harvest periods in a year, making your horticulture business more profitable – or give you more time to enjoy it as a hobby.

The only downside with greenhouses is that they require constant monitoring, maintenance, and care. One, you need to monitor temperatures closely as many plants can wilt and eventually die if the temperature isn’t just right. And two, you need to ensure that your greenhouse has proper ventilation. Many plant diseases occur when the air inside the greenhouse becomes stale.

Monitoring your greenhouse can take up much of your time. Here’s the good news, though: you can keep an eye on your greenhouse without needing to go there — you just have to automate it!

Remote Automation Explained

A remote automation system allows you to run your greenhouse from anywhere in the world, with only the touch of a button. Meaning, you no longer have to go to your greenhouse just to turn the heater up.  You can even set the entire greenhouse on auto and let it adjust itself depending on set conditions.

That’s right, you heard us – if put on auto, it can react to changes in the environment and make adjustments all on its own, this smart technology can do the thinking for you.

Also, you can keep an eye on each of your plants as most remote automation systems come with video cameras. To put it simply, automation gives you the freedom to schedule your time as you see fit, and gives you the peace of mind that your greenhouse will continue thriving.

Besides taking time-consuming tasks off your plate, greenhouse automation brings many other advantages, too. These include:

  • Efficient Temperature Control

Temperature fluctuations can damage or even kill your plants in just a matter of hours. With remote automation, you can protect your plants by ensuring optimal, consistent temperature in your greenhouse. This also helps prevent algae or mildew growth that can bring diseases to your plants.

  • Thriving Greenhouse Environment

Other than temperature fluctuations, humidity changes and equipment failures pose a threat to the greenhouse environment, too. Even brief power failures and security breaches can harm your entire greenhouse. But with a remote automation system, you can stay on top of all environmental changes and equipment or security failures. Just look at the camera feed, and decide if you need to turn up the blinds, run the ceiling fan, or turn on the humidifier. Greenhouse automation helps to ensure a thriving environment for your greenhouse.

  • Automatic, Measured Watering

Because of its controlled environment, greenhouse plants need thorough and proper watering. The best way to do that is to give your plants a quick drink, let the water soak in the soil, and then repeat these steps with a more thorough watering. Greenhouse automation makes watering much easier, as it allows you to control the time and length of measured, automatic watering. You can customize the watering needs, based on the individual plants that it’s watering.

With all these benefits, it’s high time you automate your greenhouse. We design commercial greenhouses which we highly recommend automation for, especially if you have massive operations. There will be less labor-intensive and repetitive work for your employees. In turn, you can redeploy them to crop maintenance, harvest duties, and other crucial tasks. And for private homes, we can build out luxury greenhouses that would put all others to shame.

Want to know more about greenhouse automation? Give us a call, today.