The Best Styles for a Garden Room that Suits You

Garden rooms are luxurious focal points, a beautiful space that promotes relaxation. The design of this retreat will not just improve the aesthetics of your home; it can also contribute to the quality of your time spent there.

Planning the design of your garden room requires time and thorough planning. There are many factors: colors, windows, roofing materials, and doors. Plus, how do you plan to use it? Will your garden room double as an entertainment spot?

If you’re still uncertain about what you want, brainstorm for style ideas or consider the following suggestions.

First Consider Colors

Express your style with colors on the walls. Or choose to pull in color through the flooring, the furniture or the accessories in your garden room.

White is a fresh and airy indoor color choice, whether it’s the paint you choose for the walls or the entire color scheme of your furniture. White gives any room a light and open feel, as well as makes the space look and feel bigger.

If you want a more natural-looking garden room, paint your walls with warmer hues so that it enhances the natural color of any timber.

Go Country Traditional

This theme is ideal for a dining set-up, especially if you use a traditional wooden table and chairs and complement the room with flowers. The country style adds a rustic charm to any room. Enhance the comfort of your garden room by adding soft and cozy sofas wherein guests can lounge. With a country-style room, you may enjoy warm summer evenings or the occasional BBQ party with loved ones.

Try Minimalistic Modern

If you’re after a clean look, go minimalistic. Create a stylish and modern space with minimalistic furniture, bold prints, and clean, bright lines. A quick trip to your local furniture store will provide the inspiration you need for furniture in muted colors.

Once you’ve selected the muted shades for your furniture pieces, add splashes of color with ornaments, cushions, and artwork that can brighten up your garden room.

Check out Shabby Chic

This design is ideal for smaller and cozy extension spaces of your garden. A white interior can give your garden a chic look. Mix and match furnishings with painted, stained, and distressed finishes. Add some frilly lace curtains, reclaimed garden furniture, and floral cushions. You’ll enjoy the comfortable décor in this design approach.

Consider Sports Bar

Garden rooms can also serve as a restful man cave for the men of the house. With walls painted in the color of your choice and the room decked with sports memorabilia, you can transform your garden house into the go-to place for sports enthusiasts such as yourself. Complete your sports bar-themed garden room with a mini-fridge and a wide-screen TV — aka THE essentials for every big game.

Transform the Look of Your Garden Room

A few alterations transform any garden room into your garden retreat. Drape fairy lights around the room, change the color of the blinds, or explore different color schemes — you can do anything to inject your personality into the room’s interior.   

Here at Conservatory Craftsmen, we believe your garden room can be anything. Whatever you wish your garden room to be, our expert designers and craftsmen can build it for you. Your imagination is the only limit.

Achieve your dream garden room with Conservatory Craftsmen. Talk to us today or view our featured projects to see what we can do.