The True Star of Saving Grace

sgrace4Here at Conservatory Craftsmen, we are passionate about all things Conservatory; we also have a passion for two other ‘C’s’. Cornwall (England that is!) and Craig Ferguson and an off-color movie that he wrote and starred in called “Saving Grace.”

Saving Grace is a comedy about Grace (Brenda Blethyn), a recently widowed woman who risks losing her wonderful estate and beautiful garden because of the huge debts her husband left when he died. To cure her financial ailments, she uses her horticultural talent and her gardener (Craig Ferguson) to raise–and then sell–marijuana plants in her Cornish Manor conservatory.saving-grace

Not only will this movie make you fall in love with conservatories it will leave you wanting to book the next flight out to Cornell, as I did. Well not the next flight…but close. The cinematography will truly capture your heart.

However we are talking about a comedy and you can guess what the main characters are doing to light a conservatory up like this! This is by far the best scene in the movie.

Here is the Cornish Manor where most of the movie was shot. This home was listed in 2009 for $4.5 US!


The quaint Cornish town did experience an uptick in tourism (including myself) after the movie was released.


You can see why. Cornwall has some of the most breath-taking coastlines in the entire world.

Now here is the movie trailer that will have you clicking for your Netflix account next!


Saving Grace Trailor

Have a lovely day!