Tour of Historic US Conservatories: Phipps, PA

No visit to Pittsburgh is complete without a visit to the most exquisite public conservatory, the Phipps.
Phipps Conservatory was built by Henry Phipps as a gift to the City of Pittsburgh. Phipps stated he wanted to “erect something that will prove a source of instruction as well as pleasure to the people.” The Conservatory was designed by the New York firm Lord & Burnham and cost $100,000.

The original plant material came in from the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago which closed in November 1893.

In 2007 the Board of Trustees votes to accept the Living Building Challenge, a national call for the world’s first ‘living’ building. Fundraising and design begins for the third phase of expansion, the Center for Sustainable Landscapes, a new administration and education center.
Interestingly enough, Conservatory Craftsmen has been given the rights to another famous conservatory.

Nearby by the Phipps is Smithfield Cemetery. This is a famous cemetery because Phipps, Andrew Carnegie and Frick all put their heads together to build this cemetery.

They also build a wonderful conservatory in the cemetery. Recently, during expansion of the cemetery, the conservatory, which is a mini offshoot of the Phipps, was sold and removed from site.

Would you like to have this conservatory for your own? Build a historic public conservatory on your estate?