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Two Automation Ideas that Enhance Luxury Garden Rooms

We are now in an age where technology blends seamlessly within our day-to-day activities. Case in point: 54 percent of households in the country now have at least one smart home device. Smart technology has simplified life so much that we’re automating even the simple task of opening and closing our blinds.

While some do prefer the traditional and manual way of doing things, one would probably think differently in an all-glass conservatory that’s been converted into a luxury, indoor garden room. This room is a perfect example of how smart technology can make home life a lot more satisfying.

Two Ways Garden Rooms Are Made Better with Automation

  1. Blocking excessive heat and sunlight.

Imagine what a garden room looks like: a gorgeous room surrounded on at least three sides with massive Edwardian or Victorian glass windows that frame the view of the outdoors. When you look up, the sloped ceiling is also reinforced glass through which warm sunshine streams inside the garden room.

If it’s past 10:00 in the morning in the middle of summer, this room will no doubt be sweltering. More so when the sun rises to its peak at noon and continues to shine until 4:00 in the afternoon. Anyone who stays in this room would need to have the air conditioning on full blast.

If the brightness of the sun becomes a problem, there’d be no choice but to leave the room and come back when the day turns overcast or the sun has started to set.

Our Recommendation: motorized anti-UV blinds and shades

Get the most out of your conservatory by installing automated blinds that will provide much-needed shade anytime you need it. The beauty of automated blinds is that you can control (remotely, and through voice control) which panels to unroll and by how much.

So if you want an unimpeded view of the indigo sky during sunset but the glare from the sun sinking is hurting your eyes, you can lower the section of wall blinds that faces the sunset and leave the rest — ceiling and windows facing away from the sun — open.

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  1. Keeping the indoor temperature cool and comfortable.

As months pass by and the weather changes from summer to winter, another concern you might have about your luxury garden room is the indoor temperature. Glass can only do so much to insulate and prevent heat transfer. To keep the temperature stable and comfortable, supplementary air cooling and ventilation are necessary.

Our Recommendation: smart, temperature-detecting heating and cooling.

Enjoy your garden room all day and all year by installing the automatic heating and cooling systems we offer at Conservatory Craftsmen. These can detect the changes in the indoor temperature and prompt the HVAC system to start cooling or heating the air, depending on what’s necessary.

Choose Garden Room Automations by Conservatory Craftsmen

Conservatory Craftsmen believes that a home is vastly improved when it has a garden room. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an outdoor sitting area in your garden, a greenhouse, or a converted conservatory room in one of the corners of your home; with a luxury garden room, you can appreciate the time you spend at home even more.

Experience the best things about luxury garden rooms with Conservatory Craftsmen. Check out the rest of garden room automation that we offer.