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Value-Adding Modern Garden Room Interior Design Ideas

Designing a conservatory garden room is designing a space like no other in your home. So that you can make the most of this space, you might consider adding features that can increase not only your enjoyment of your garden room but also the appeal of the space or even the value of your home.

Here are a few ideas for garden room interiors to consider.

Climate Control Fit for a Greenhouse

Most greenhouses are freestanding fixtures in a backyard or garden, but you can turn a conservatory that’s attached to your home into a full-fledged greenhouse.

Imagine walking into a garden paradise without ever stepping outside of your house. You can care for your plants and keep them healthy all year in a garden room regardless of the season.

Your entire household can also enjoy some health benefits. Indoor plants do more than liven up your home: they also lower your psychological and physiological stress. Studies show that interacting with indoor plants soothes the mind and body and can even lower a person’s diastolic blood pressure.

Automatic Privacy Shades or Blinds

The glass walls, windows, and ceilings of a conservatory garden room are some of its best and most attractive features. Unfortunately, they also may not offer a lot of privacy.

One way to upgrade your garden room interior design and give the room a fresh look is to install automated privacy shades or blinds. The ones we offer here at Conservatory Craftsmen have a modern, upscale aesthetic that can enhance the room’s overall look while bringing the privacy you desire.

Shades and blinds can also block the heat from the sun. With these motorized window treatments in place, you can spend more time in your garden room during the day. You won’t feel the need to leave for a cooler part of the house once the sun is at its peak and the heat is beating down on the glass ceiling and walls. You can simply roll down the shades and stay cool inside as you enjoy the natural light that filters softly into the room.

The aesthetic touches, convenience, privacy and energy efficiency that motorized ceiling and window blinds offer make your house more attractive to buyers when you decide to sell in the future.

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Creative Workspace Solutions

If you look at images of garden room interiors in magazines and on websites, you’ll find that conservatories can also be converted into a garden home office, workshop, art studio, or entertainment room. If you’re interested in doing the same for your garden room, we recommend adding creative storage systems to the space.

Consider building floor-to-ceiling glass shelves against one of the interior walls, for example, or customize freestanding cabinets that double as room dividers, plant stands, and other furniture. You can then put your work stuff out of sight if you’re setting up a work desk; and if you’ll use it as a chic studio or workshop, you’ll have lots of shelf space to display art pieces and handicrafts.

Garden room designs that include cleverly designed and functional workspace will be attractive to future buyers who don’t like clutter.

For More Design Ideas, Consult Conservatory Craftsmen

These are just some additions and design ideas you can consider for designing your conservatory. You can also talk to our architects at Conservatory Craftsmen. They can advise you on how to maximize the beautiful structure of your conservatory and ensure that the designs and new features you have in mind will bring out the best features of your garden room.

Imagine your garden room, and we will make it happen. Contact Conservatory Craftsmen today.