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Glam Up Your Garden Rooms With These 5 Different Designs

Garden rooms are becoming an increasingly popular addition to homes. As more and more homeowners adopt the concept of indoor-outdoor living, many people want to experience the beauty of bringing the comforts of their home’s interiors right into their gardens.

Below are some of the most popular contemporary garden room designs today.

Garden pods for oddity

Spherical garden rooms will catch anybody’s attention because of its odd design. Garden pods are ideal for dining, studying and meeting up with friends and family members.

Reminiscent of a capsule, the waterproofwindow walls can be tinted to reflect glare. Add a stainless steel roof that repels heat to keep the interior of the room cool. You can also add a sliding door to keep the pod fully sealed.

The rugged beauty of the rustic design

Sync your garden room with the natural beauty of its surroundings by implementing a rustic style. Use natural elements for a cohesive rustic feel throughout your entire space. You can use wide wood planks as part of your flooring system and walls. You can also use wood beams for the room’s ceiling, an excellent reminder of the great outdoors. And finally, seal the deal with a fireplace to keep you warm whenever you decide to stay there for the night.

Work (comfortably) from home

Working from the confines of your home does not have to be boring. Boost your productivity by using your garden room as your home office. Use light paint colors that are relaxing to the eyes. Install sliding doors or windows that you can open whenever you get stressed from working.

If you’re not comfortable with having a home office, you can opt to have a stylish studio instead to keep your creative juices flowing. Use floor-to-ceiling glass around your room so you can still enjoy the view and possibly gain inspiration from your surroundings while you are working in your studio.

Workout with a view

What better way to sweat than to work out while enjoying a serene view straight from your garden? Turn your garden room into a mini gym and hype your everyday workout. Use a durable varnished flooring system that is ideal for a workout space. Ensure proper ventilation so you don’t feel too hot and uncomfortable during your sessions.

Open porch design for an almost countryside living

Adopt an open porch design that allows plenty of natural light and fresh air to enter and recreate countryside living. Lounge in your garden room during afternoons, unwind and enjoy a cup of tea or read a book.

The most important thing to consider when choosing what garden room design to go for is the kind of lifestyle you want. Make sure that the design you will choose perfectly matches what you aspire to. This will not only bring you happiness and satisfaction, but it will also make your investment worth it.

Make your dream a reality

Conservatory Craftsmen is dedicated to bringing you functional and comfortable garden rooms that capture your envisioned lifestyle. Our team of experts ensures that the garden rooms we design for you showcase refined architecture from high-quality materials. Entrust your vision to us. Contact us today so we can help you have the space you dream of.