conservatory build project near Jackson, WY

Featured Conservatory near Jackson, WY

Jackson, WY job site, work in progress

Jackson, WY job site, work in progress

Location:  Jackson, WY area
Designer/Architect:  Craft-Design-Build
Builder: Conservatory Craftsmen
Structural Engineer: VAA
Category: Modified Gable Conservatory

With an owner who desired a new space that would capitalize on the fantastic views of their property, this build took place in an area of extremes, nestled near Jackson, WY, in the middle of the Yellowstone Valley, within sight of the majestic Teton Mountains. With the weather extremes and seismic activity in this area of the United States, the Conservatory Craftsmen team needed to design and build a conservatory engineered to endure the challenges while still showcasing the beauty our builds are known for.

A True Engineering Feat:
To say this L-shaped custom conservatory had to be well-engineered is an understatement. This 12×20′ space is an engineering marvel with a great many structural details concealed within the beautiful mahogany. What can’t be seen is a steel subframe to handle a variety of challenges; from the rumbles of earthquakes, the large volume of snow, and or the high winds that come with living in this area. To add even more structural integrity, we added tie bars that served functionally as well as aesthetically.

Eyes on the Mountains:
One of the details that can’t be ignored is the way the windows frame the views perfectly. The large windows with mahogany Gothic arches employ triple low-E safety glass to get the best performance and strength in this climate of drastic extremes. Additionally, the Gothic arch transoms are created with SDL – simulated direct light – a characteristic unique to Conservatory Craftsmen construction.

Bring in the Automation:
Integrating automation is essential when building for extremes like this. This conservatory was outfitted with many functions to make comfort a top priority. There are rain sensors on the windows so they will close when storms approach. There are automated blinds that will keep temperatures within the room regulated and cozy. In-floor heating will bring warmth to every step during brutal winter days. And then in the summer, automated ventilation will release any extra heat in the room.

Overcoming Challenges:
We conquered every challenge this build presented. If you know the area, the challenge is not only for the team to get to the job site but to get any MATERIALS to the job site. There are no Home Depots around the corner. It takes a journey through a couple of mountain passes to get any additional materials needed to finish work. Add to that challenges presented by the weather, including building under 6 inches of snow load accompanied by high winds coming off the mountains.

This gorgeous addition allows the owners to sit in this man-made beauty where they can admire the majestic scenes and wildlife right outside their room. The end goal was to create a space that would capture views, grow plants, and envelope family time all in one distinctive room. We think the goal was achieved and think you would agree.